Monday, April 25, 2016

Spotlight on Vixen Fox (@STUDIO_JUNKIE)

The world desperately needs more artists like Vixen Fox. Unchained to any genre or musical philosophy, Vixen is committed to making great music for great music’s sake, and continues to surprise with her talent and variety. “Music inspires me, the way it transforms and transcends. The way you can make it entirely how you want to be,” says the foxy artist, who lives up to her stage name in more ways than one. Raised in Brooklyn, Vixen turned to poetry and writing as an escape from countless struggles. Years later, after an invitation from a friend prompted a visit to a music studio, she put words to music and has since been an artist to be reckoned with.

Unlike many artists in the music industry, Vixen refuses to be tied to any particular musical dogma. In fact, some of her favorite musicians and biggest inspirations venture far from the rap scene. For example, you’d often find her rocking out to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dean Martin, and Bon Jovi. “I want to be genre-less. My next song might be a rock song,” laughs Vixen Fox. “My music is so different, it doesn’t sound (to me, anyway) like anybody elses. I want to bring different sounds and techniques. Crazy sounds, crazy words.”

Crazy sounds and words, indeed. Her single, “About You,” is a metaphorical masterpiece. The song is based on an internal conversation Vixen has had with herself and her many personalities. The song’s lyrics, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life and now here you are,” would make one think she’s talking about a significant other, but in fact, she’s reflecting on herself and is proud of the person she’s talking with – which happens to be her.

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Vixen is a person – and artist – people will just want to be around. Her persona exudes a cheerful mystery; she is no one thing, but is a culmination of people wrapped into one incredibly talented and unique package. Her goals for the future are to make waves for independent artists everywhere – suggesting, even the possibility of creating her own independent radio station. “There are so many great artists out there we’ll never get to hear. I want to make music last, and not get boring.” Boring is certainly a word you’ll never find yourself using around Vixen Fox.

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