Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Single] Christo (@ChristoLITMOB) ft Nef The Pharoah - We Ballin

It’s easy to forget that rap began as rhythmic poetry, with modern music turning towards layers of computerized beats and sounds, but artist Christo hasn’t forgotten the importance of the spoken word as the principle for great music. Quite the contrary, when listening to the budding artist’s music, one is transported back to the 90’s, when hip-hop greats like Dr Dre created lyrical genius. That genius is reincarnated in Christo’s latest release, “We Ballin,’” which features fellow artist Nef the Pharaoh. Christo’s favorite line, “They act so blind to true lyrics.” emphasizes how he feels about modern hip-hop. “A lot of effortless music seems to get a lot of attention, while other people are perfecting their meaning and they don’t get radio time. It’s a lot harder to get on the radio with a meaningful song.”

The Greek and Armenian artist lives by the acronym, LITMOB, which stands for “Legends in time must overcome burden,” a personal motto for his personal plight. Christo’s Spartan mentality comes honestly, with strong ethnic roots in Greece and Armenia, areas that have suffered genocide, war, and have overcome great difficulties. The perseverance of his people has inspired Christo to be incredibly tenacious about his musical career. “I’m the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. The most dedicated. If I don’t accomplish something, it’s not because I didn’t try my hardest. I work my ass off.”

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Christo’s main focus is building buzz; to push the movement as far as it will go and to restore integrity to hip-hop with powerful and inspiring lyrics. With a new EP coming out in summer 2016 and collaborations with other artists, Christo is a refreshing addition to the hip-hop scene.


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