Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spotlight on Sarah Jane (@daisyjane200)

2016 is shaping up to be a promising year for up-and-coming artist, Sarah Jane. For the last two-and-a-half years she’s been working diligently on her debut EP titled “Killer Robots.”

I’ve been working out of three studios. It’s been an amazing process,” she stated. “I’m so proud of all the work that we’ve put into it. We’ve put in a lot of long, long nights, but I feel all the hard work is going to pay off.

The upcoming EP is scheduled for a possible summer/fall release. According to rising star in the making, it promises not to disappoint. Fans will be easily captivated by it after listening to the first few bars, Jane, who is also an accomplished pianist, stated.

“The EP is really open, fun, imaginative. I really wanted to leave it up to the fans to decipher what kind of music they think it is. It’s really fun because it starts off light, then it gets more R&B and hip hop towards the third and fourth song,” she described. “It really showcases my talent, not just as a singer but as a pianist, too.”

The first single off the project is a catchy tune titled “Beautiful Magic.” It’s one of her favorite songs from the project.

It’s about finding love and finding someone who makes you feel beautiful. The beats more urban and pop,” Jane explained.

Not surprisingly, the title track from the EP, “Killer Robots,” raises a few eyebrows. Many are amused by it—obviously due to the unique title, but then quickly fall in love with the beat and lyrics.

“I really wanted to have a story that is pretty and melodic but also had some humor. It’s very simple, but it’s fun to sing a lot,” she stated. It’s cool to see the reaction of people in the studio when they listen to it. Then start laughing. Its just me and this song and the piano—and then, of course, me talking about killer robots,” she laughed.

The EP will soon be featured on iTunes. For updates and to learn more about Jane, check her out on Twitter.

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