Friday, April 15, 2016

Latonza Entertainment Set to Release New Music by Three Up-and-Coming Artists

President and CEO of Latonza Entertainment, Jamie Willis, is on a mission to change the state of hip hop. After recently signing three new artists to his label, he believes he’s on the right track to do just that.

“When I agree to take on new artists, one of the main things I look at besides obviously talent is work ethic,” stated Willis. “These guys have to be some of the hardest-working people I know. They want to succeed. Failure is not an option.”

With four months just into the New Year, a lot of big things are happening at Latonza Entertainment. B. Miles, Dave Reynolds and D.A. Baby all have big projects in the works that promises not to disappoint fans of hip hop music.

This month, D.A. Baby dropped his latest EP titled “True Story.” It’s a project that took a year and a half to finish. According to the artist, greatness takes time—and that’s what fans will hear as soon as the first track plays.

His style is a little bit street mixed with swagger,” described Willis. “He’s also very family oriented, and he’s about getting his paper. He’s always on his grind.

The single is a follow up to D.A. Baby’s most recent album titled BDK3. It stands for “Back Door King.” The album promises to keep the heads noddin’ and the party thumpin’.

Latonza Entertainment’s second artist, Dave Reynolds, recently dropped a brand, new single titled “Change” featuring a young, female artist by the name of Andrea. As the title might suggest, it’s a song about the artist’s evolution throughout the years.

This single is a little more laid back. It’s not his usual style of music. In the track he makes it clear that he’s not only about the hood and the streets, but it’s about him changing his life,” stated Willis. After he did 10.5 years in federal prison, he got an understanding why he was in there and since getting out, he knows he can’t live that life he did. He had to change.”

According to Willis, Reynolds is described as an upfront, in-your-face artist who’s not afraid to talk and rap about guns, shooting, robbery and selling drugs—quite the opposite personality from the label’s third artist, B. Miles.

“He’s been doing music for a couple of years now,” stated Willis. “He’s the average, every day working cat. He’s doing his music for the guys who want to avoid jail and stay fly and flashy without all the drama.

His latest single is a catchy track titled “Dr. Scholls.” Some of the first lines of the song start by stating, I’ve been grinding all week, I need some Dr. Scholls because all day I’ve been on my feet.”“When I heard that track, I knew this had to be his first single. It’s just cleverly written,” stated Willis. “I’m proud of all three of them. I think we’re all going to achieve some great things.”

To learn more about Latonza Entertainment and listens to the artists mentioned, click here.

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