Friday, April 15, 2016

Spotlight on Jimii Hitmaker (@jmhitmaker)

If there’s an artist audiences will want to root for, it’s James “Jimii” Carlisle. After years of tragedy and loss, the artist will soon debut his latest work. 1992 My Jurnee is a culmination of experiences that have led the writer and performer to where he is now. When Jimii lost his mother in November of 2015, he found himself at a musical and personal crossroads. He could give up, succumb to his misfortunes, or he could use his loss and hurt as a springboard for musical and personal growth. Jimii chose the latter, refusing defeat, and releasing some of his most popular music to date. With hundreds of thousands of hits on SoundCloud, “Got Me Thinkin’” (a club banger on the artists’ album, Revelations) was proof there was room for a performer like “Jimii Hits.” 1992 My Jurnee is a continuation of the momentum caused by Revelations.

“This is definitely my most heartfelt album,” reflects Jimii. Knowing he had to follow up his past work with an even bigger hit, the artist poured heart and soul into the record. The first half of the album is a reflection on grief and tells the story of heartache, trials, and triumph. The second half, which is upbeat and lively, is the “new and improved” Jimii Hitmaker.

Musical success is important to Jimii, but also serves as a catalyst for his greater mission: To become an inspiration, and use his music to serve the greater good. To create a brand that “exceeds just me.” “I have milestones, of course,” comments the artist, “but I want to be multitalented.” Jimii’s biggest goal is to use music as a way to unify and inspire. “There’s so much negativity in the world. I want to help young people who are where I was, and let them know it’s not the end of the world.”

1992 My Jurnee will be available for pre-order on June 1st, and out everywhere on July 15th. For fans needing more of Jimmi Hits, the artist will be dropping a new single every Wednesday on Soundcloud.

Listen to Jimii’s music on Soundcloud and YouTube. Follow along with Jimii Hitmaker on Twitter and Instagram.

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