Friday, June 10, 2016

Yung Bernard (@yung_bernard) Releases “Hell of a Feelin"

Atlanta, GA Music has brought people together for centuries, closing the gap between races and generations with heartfelt ballads and dance hits alike. Rising star Yung Bernard has set out to do just that with his newest to-be hit, “Hell of a Feelin.’” The artist began his road to musical success in 2013 with the release of his first professional single, “She Going Down,” which quickly rose to become an internet sensation. Since, he’s released a series of club bangers that are catchy and relatable and setting the music scene on fire. In addition to his success as a musician, the artist is also working on an independent record label, MothMuzik, and clothing line, Moneyonthehush, with his partner J. Russ.

While Yung Bernard’s music is mainly of the fun, club variety, the artist says audiences can expect music from the heart in the coming months. Inspired by the way music soothed racial disparity in the 1960’s segregation era; the performer hopes to use his message for good. “I’m a spokesperson for everyone who is feeling what I am feeling,” explains the artist, “I’m accountable for what I say.” With the rising of racial tensions in the country given the current political climate, his sense of unity and positivity are a glimmer of light shining on a dark world. His new music will explore issues of race, and what it means to be black (and white) in this society. “As an artist, you can’t be racist,” says Yung Bernard, explaining that he aims to create music that is relatable for everyone, regardless of race or creed.

Yung Bernard’s musical process is influenced by the storytelling concept of soul music greats like B.B. King and pop icons like Michael Jackson, and even English rock stars The Beatles. A Rock ‘n Roll fan, Yung Bernard has begun experimenting with strings and drums in his music, borrowing sounds from the rock genre.

His latest single, “Hell of a Feelin’” is bound to be the feel-good song of the summer. The song is meant to represent how one feels on their best day; a Friday pay day, on their way to a party, exuding confidence and excitement. In many ways, the single is a reflection about how Yung Bernard views his musical career: Positive and geared up for the future.

Yung Bernard’s EP is currently available on all digital outlets.

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