Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Album] Emilio Ruffin (@EmilioRuffin) - Luv N Lust

Atlanta, GA Music is in artist Emilio Ruffin’s blood. The son and cousin of musicians, Emilio had access to a home studio at a young age. “Ever since then, I’ve been attracted to music.” The artist’s musical influences are diverse, drawing from a variety of genres and sounds, such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and even pop icon Lady Gaga. “A lot of people compare me to The Weekend, and call my kind of music ‘dark R&B,’” explains Emilio.

His album, Luv N Lust, released last November, is the performer’s labor of love and has been met with a great deal of positivity. “Everybody who catches onto it, seems to enjoy it,” says the artist. Emilio’s favorite song off the album is a love song, titled “I Want to Love You.” Emilio explains the meaning behind the song, “It's basically about a girl that I know, but I know she's in a relationship. (We know each other distantly.) I see the guy mistreats her, I'm trying to hint to her "I can show you better." 

The unique artist’s music can’t be contained to one genre, as each song is inspired by life experiences in the moment. As Emilio explains it, “An artist isn’t always going to paint apples. Some days, they might paint trees.” Emilio’s music cannot be contained in a box, and he is eager to explore different genres and sounds and expand his musical horizons.

Luv N Lust is an important step for the artist, who explains that this is his most significant – and possibly final – attempt at making his music career meet its full potential. A Hail Mary effort of sorts, Emilio says, “This will be the last time I put my all into my music,” proving the stakes are especially high for this record. Listen on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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