Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[Single] LuDogg ft Ap3x - Anybody

Conneaut, OH LuDogg (formerly Nathan Dudley), is a small town artist with a big heart and even bigger dreams. The performer began his musical journey in 2009, when a friend sparked LuDogg’s interest in hip-hop and encouraged him to work on his music in his personal studio. A few weeks after Lu had recorded his third song in 2010, that friend died in a tragic car accident. The artist, devastated, decided to pay homage to his friend by continuing with music, and using their connection as motivation for the future. Now, with the release of his latest single, “Anybody,” LuDogg is soaring to musical success.

The young artist’s music is futuristic, club infused hip-hop that focuses on a positive message and aims to be relatable to all audiences. In a word, the music is “motivational.” As LuDogg puts it, “I strive to make music that is going to connect with people and influence them to go out and reach their goals.”

LuDogg’s most recent project, a single titled “Anybody,” is a tale of modern romance woes. LuDogg’s first verse expresses interest in a girl, which he laments, because he knows he won’t be able to make things work while grinding towards success. "If we get in this relationship, it probably won't work because it doesn't mesh well with what I'm trying to accomplish,” explains the artist. “I want a relationship but can't have one because my career is in the way... I don't really hear too many artists talking about relationships from this perspective.” “Anybody” is a teaser for what’s to come out of the young artist. In the coming months, audiences can expect a video to accompany the single, more songs from and with Ap3x (formerly Ryen Sallee), and a full album by spring of 2017. For now, LuDogg is concentrating on spreading his brand as far as it will go. “As an artist, I go above and beyond what most people would do to reach their goals, which makes it an inspirational movement to follow,” he says, explaining how determined he is to make his career in music work. While his personal musical ambitions are grand, LuDogg’s ultimate goal is to give back to the musical community and help other talented artists discover their potential. “One of my main goals for my music is once I get enough awareness, I want to help other artists take themselves to success. Anyone can reach their dreams if they want it badly enough, and put in the work." “Anybody” is now available on all digital platforms. Listen on SoundCloud.

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