Friday, June 24, 2016

[Single] Laelo (@laelo202) - Ride with a Stoner

WASHINGTON, D.C. – When it comes to making music, there’s one simple rule for Laelo: whatever happens in life gets turned into a song.

“I live it, and I write it down,” Laelo said. “Every lyric I write is directly inspired by my everyday life or the life of my friends and family. I rap about what I do – something I was doing or going through yesterday. I stick to telling honest stories, and I smoke weed everyday so most of my music and sound is influenced by it.

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The most recent example of that comes in the form of Laelo’s new single, “Ride with a Stoner” – a song in which Laelo explains why women prefer to ride with connoisseurs of the marijuana culture.

After 10 years of making music professionally – with six albums, hundreds of live performances, and multiple industry collaborations under his belt – Laelo said this new single is just one example of who he is as an artist. Being well rounded and versatile is a trait he takes pride in. But he also knows who his core fans are and what they want and plans to keep supplying them with exactly that.

“There’s really nothing too complicated about it,” he said. “It’s a vibe track about beautiful women who prefer to roll with stoners. It’s definitely a record that will do well with stoner nation – and my brand, the High Definition Society, has been making songs that cater to the ‘marijuana’ culture for years. I call them lifestyle records, for people who live that lifestyle. Most 

people in the culture love my music because it’s the kind of music you can listen to in multiple environments – in the car, at your house, in a club … any scenario. That’s why my fans follow me, and this new joint is no different.

In 2015 he released his fifth studio album entitled “Deeper Than Plenty, Higher Than Most with Maryland based producer Hec Dolo. Laelo strayed away from his normal synthesized and bass heavy sound and went for a more throwback boom-bap feel – once again showing his versatility as an artist. The video for the first single “City Life” – which featured Grammy nominated soul singer Carolyn Malachi – was featured on both and The second single “One Time 4 Hip-hop” reached No. 1 on two separate college radio charts, and was also played by DJs such as Premiere and Statik Seletak on their respective Sirius XM shows. The release party was held at the legendary ALIFE Rivington Club in New York City.

And now this year he’ll be releasing his sixth studio album “Grateful For Today.” The album is set to be released Sept. 23, but the first single “Ride With a Stoner” is already available and can be purchased online everywhere music is sold. Those wishing to sample the single can do so on Laelo’s Soundcloud page, or by visiting The official music video directed by Supa Coop is also viewable right now on Laelo’s Vevo channel. Also, fans can follow him on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to find out where he’ll have live performances.

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