Monday, June 20, 2016

Spotlight on Snap Libra (@Snapaveli)

CARVER RANCHES, FL – In the southeast part of the country, there’s a style of hip-hop music that’s often referred to as “snap music.” It was born of crunk, and developed by a handful of artists throughout the 2000s and now perfected by a hot new artist in southern Florida who goes by the name Snap Libra. According to Snap Libra, most of the rap and hip-hop scene in his neck of the woods consists of snap, and he’s become so eloquent with it that his fans started calling him the snap king. Couple that with the fact that he’s a Libra – which he says defines his personality fairly well – and that’s how this new rap star was born. “I feel like I’m the person who made that rap style what it was meant to be,” he said. “Dwon here everybody snaps, but nobody really made it into a rap style. When I stepped in, I took it to another level. I made the energy behind the words. People can say they’re snapping, but they don’t know the exact definition of it. You’ve got to put aggression into it – some punch. I want to show people how to snap.” His new mixtape “Ranches Dreams” will showcase that unique sound when it drops July 16. Snap Libra describes the mixtape as songs inspired by his experiences with trying to make a better life for himself. “It’s all about my environment,” he said. “I feel like everybody from this area probably has dreams, and this mixtape demonstrates what those dreams are. Most who live in the hood have the same kind of dreams – we all want to be in a better position and have more freedom with our lives. With my music I want to show people there’s a way out. If you chase your dreams you can make it a reality. Even though you’re in bad circumstances and you might be into some bad shit, you’ve got to work with that and keep trying and you can make it. You can make it through any circumstance.” Snap Libra recorded the mixtape on his own, but has previously worked with Raider Klan Records, 2 Five Ent and Maybach Music. He says his love of music goes back to age 9, when he was introduced to old-school soul music simultaneously with gangsta rap. “As a kid I used to listen to both of those things and the atmosphere and vibe of those two sounds just hit me at a young age,” he said. “I suppose kids are vulnerable to the sounds of music, and I was definitely one of those kids who found myself liking that type of music.”

Specifically, Snap Libra said he was influenced by artists such as Nas, Lil’ Wayne and 2Pac – all for different reasons, ranging from unique sounds to pure ambition. He says he hopes to mimic the career of 2Pac because “he put his soul in all of his music and he set stuff on fire, and I can really relate.” Those who’d like to get a taste of Snap Libra’s music can see him live July 16 at the Star Lounge in Hollywood, FL. That’s also the release date for his mixtape. The first single from the mixtape is “Road Runner,” and can be heard on Soundcloud under the handle @SnapLibra. Fans can also follow him via social media on Twitter @Snapaveli, on Facebook @Kah-El Snap King Libra, and on Instagram @Libra954.

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