Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spotlight on Lee West

OAKLAND, CA – Heads up ladies, there’s a smooth new rapper on the scene in the Bay area of California, and his music is so hot it has women from all over the country saying, “I need to go take a cold shower.”

Lee West is a 28-year-old rapper born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. He’s an artist reminiscent of LL Cool J or Tyrese. His new album features singles like “Straight Outta Cali,” “Bowflex” and “All Night.” They’re songs he says he wrote with women in mind and which have received a lot of good feedback from fans throughout the area.

“The women who have heard it say it’s hot and they enjoy my voice,” West said. “’All Night’ in particular they hear it and say they need to go take a cold shower. And that’s exactly what I want to hear with songs like that. My target audience is women, and I came up with that because my mom was a single parent and looking for love was something that I witnessed growing up. It was something that my mother was seeking – that strong feeling of the need for the love of a man. I’ve always been interested in seeing how women react to certain types of music. So I want to create something that makes them feel good – something that says, ‘I love you.’”

The single for “All Night” was released June 1 on Soundcloud.

West first started writing raps in 2009, though he’s always had a flare for music. His grandmother and uncle were both singers, and the music gene appeared early in his life as he began rapping and performing in talent shows as a child.

“They started calling me the little rapper guy, because I could never sing,” he said. “But I’ve always been pretty talented with the pen and my rapping voice."

Now at 28 years old, Lee West has been performing all over the Bay area and opening for such artists as Snoop Dogg, Philthy Rich and Tyrese. His music has also been heard on 106 KMEL after winning the Home Turf competition held by the radio station. His single Bowflex beat out 150 other contestants for the top honor.

He credits much of his success to his grandmother, who raised him pushed him to be his best and pursue his dreams – both as a young child and throughout his pursuits today. His grandmother raised him because he said his father left him and his sister at a young age. As a result, West said he felt compelled to be the male role model for his family.

“I used my performances as an outlet for that void in my life,” he said of the absence of a father. “I became a natural performer and use the love from my fans as a supplement to the tragedies I’ve experienced. From performing at venues from the Bay area to Los Angeles, I have been blessed to build a loyal fan base.”

West has a show coming up on June 11 at the Oakland Event Center – Crate. The address of the venue is 420 14th St., and those wishing to purchase tickets can do so at

In addition to that, West likes to keep in touch with his fans via Instagram. His handle is @TeamWestMusic. Fans can also check out his music on Soundcloud or YouTube.

And just in case any of the ladies were wondering … Lee West is single.

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