Friday, June 10, 2016

Chester Pal (@ChesterThePal) makes soul connections through introspective raps

PITTSBURGH, PA. – A new artist from Pittsburgh, PA is connecting with fans in a personal way with his newly released EP called “Walking on Eggshells.”

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Chester Pal, a 17-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh, said he makes music that connects with other people through emotions and common experiences, and that he uses the situations of his life to make a bridge through music to others who might be experiencing similar things.

“My music and my lyrics are symbolic,” Chester Pal said. “I want the emotions I feel when I’m writing to be something that people can connect with. Some of my music is for people who are depressed – it almost has a Nirvana-type vibe but with more rap. The music is serious. But some of my other music is everything from humorous storytelling to societal rap to party songs and deeper songs. If I’m angry, I tell my story the way I am. If I’m upset, I’ll rap about that. My music is psychological.”

The roots of Chester Pal’s raps go back to his childhood and experimenting with poetry. Throughout junior high and moving into high school, Chester Pal began exploring his voice through poetry. His passion for music and poetry eventually came together into the sound and lyrics he has developed today. He said his favorite span of time in hip-hop is from 1992-96, and he points to the multi-syllabic rhyme scene fathered by Kool G rap as the flow that inspired him to start pursuing rap as a career.

Everyday people inspire me,” Chester Pal said of the subject matter for his raps. “I have extreme curiosity in everybody I meet. Plus, I’m really moody. My moods are always back and forth. I can write a sad rap in the morning and then at night be rapping about all the food I like to eat and be funny and really relatable. But ultimately my style is my own. My music is just different. If you listen to me, you’ll know you’ve never heard anything like that before. I have an energy in my music that’s crazy with a lot of emotion.”His new EP, “Walking on Eggshells,” is the best example of this philosophy. The first single, called “One Call Away,” is about always being there for people but never receiving anything in return. It’s a song that deals with rejection and compassion for others – emotions that most people can relate to, he said. “A lot of times I write and there’s so much to understand in it that I just leave it out there for people,” Chester Pal said. “I write what’s on my mind and try to make it the most potent rap I can.”To listen to Walking on Eggshells, visit Chester Pal’s Soundcloud page, or search on iTunes, Spotify or Tidal. All of his tracks are available on Soundcloud, in fact. Also, Chester Pal is active on Twitter and Instagram and frequently posts updates about upcoming live performances. He also has music videos available on his YouTube page.

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