Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spotlight on Bronzo (@bronzobpg)

NORFOLK, VA – Sometimes there are moments in life that are so traumatic that they can either break a person, or change them so profoundly that it shifts the course of their future.

The execution of Bronson Tor’res Garner’s brother by lethal injection in 2011 was just such an instance for the young rapper known as Bronzo. And though the experience was devastating and elicited a bout of depression, it became an event that ultimately pushed him to make some major life changes and focus on a career making music.

“My brother Darick always told me to keep rapping and singing because one day it would pay off,” Bronzo said. “After his death I became depressed and dropped out of high school, but despite the depression I never stopped writing and working on music. That hard work and dedication paid off when I was able to sign with Park Ave Records.”

The first single from that collaboration has been released and is available for purchase on all digital media platforms – including Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal and Spotify. The single is called “No Love,” and it’s about the hardships people face and the lack of respect that often accompanies a struggling lifestyle.

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“It’s a song that’s all about struggle,” he said. “The area where I’m from, we don’t get a lot of love out here. We don’t get no love and a lot of times people don’t show no love in return. That’s how life is out here, and this song talks about that struggle.”

Bronzo has been rapping for many years, and in fact had such a love for music that he even formed his own rap group while in elementary school. It was during those early years that he started writing lyrics on paper – a practice that he said he still does today. And most of what he writes comes from personal experience and the emotions that flow out of those scenarios.

“I love music, and I’ve got a good talent for it,” Bronzo said. “I like to write from my life. It really depends on my mood, or how I feel, what eventually gets written. I have a lot of mixed emotions about things, and I think that makes my music versatile. I have my own style and my own flow. I have party music and street music, struggle music and even female songs for the ladies. I think ultimately my message is that you can get a little bit out of any of my songs. My music is good for if you’re going through something, or if you want to ride or die, or if you’re a dealer for the streets. There’s a little something for everybody.”

And like the relationship with his brother that served as the spark to begin his rap career, Bronzo often peppers his lyrics with shout outs to family and friends for whom he cares about. His daughter Kamri, for instance, gets a mention in his song “Trap Stories,” and he said he frequently refers to her in other songs because he’s a proud father and wants her to grow up being proud of him and how he’s chasing his dreams.

Those wishing to learn more about Bronzo’s music can visit his website, or visit his Soundcloud page. He also has a YouTube channel, and fans can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @bronzobpg, and on Facebook under the name 1bronzo.

Written by Chris Roberts


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