Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spotlight on Yung Adamsville (@yung_adamsville)

Atlanta, GA – Terrence, better known as “Yung Adamsville” to fans, is a musical rookie, having only joined the Atlanta music scene a mere two years ago. The producer began making beats in 2015 landing his first big placement featured on comedian and artist DC Young Fly’s “Supplyin Pressure” mixtape. Since then, Yung Adamsville has started his own record label (Boss League Music Group, LLC) and has struck out on his own to make hits with other successful artists.


His most recent project is a single produced in collaboration with Milwaukee’s own artist Jaemin Miquel and producer L.A. Trax. The song, which Adamsville describes as having a “chill, cool, club vibe,” is about the artist’s reasons for “grinding so hard, and cutting off unloyal people who don’t mean well.” While the song itself has met promising response (it’s gotten 4,000 plays since its release), Yung Adamsville is using this song as a way to prep audiences for what will culminate in a mixtape, entitled “Who Is Yung Adamsville” which is set to release later this summer. “I’m starting small. But, a goal I plan on reaching this year is getting a few records in rotation on the radio, and after that we want to hit the billboards, and ultimately, the grand finale is a movie soundtrack or video game placement.”

Much of the inspiration for Yung Adamsville’s music is his hometown of Atlanta, which is a hip hop epicenter for young artists. “Just seeing other local artist cultivate into hip hop stars, and watching the music scene become bigger and bigger in my city over the past years is a major incentive on my career.”

Stay tuned for more of Yung Adamsville’s music, coming to digital platforms summer 2016.

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