Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shawn McMillan (@mcmillian_shawn) Rises From The Ashes with Release of Mind Over Matter

Chico, CA Shawn McMillan knows a thing or two about “the struggle.” The Pittsburgh native found himself losing everything in the pursuit of his dreams developing tech ideas for major companies, and ultimately, used his downfall to springboard himself back to success; to make a musical comeback and chase after a different dream, his love of music. Shawn attended a performing arts school in Pittsburgh, where he honed his writing and music skills. After a visit to California on a summer vacation, the artist decided that’s where he needed to be to make his dreams come true. “I told my mom that’s where I wanted to stay,” says Shawn.

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Inspired by a variety of genres and other artists, from Jay Z to Elton John, Shawn McMillan isn’t afraid to test the waters of different sounds and uses whatever moves him in his songs, leading to a diverse and eclectic sound. “I won’t be confined by any genre,” says the rising artist, “and the world should feel it.”

Listeners can expect some of that same diversity in the drop of Shawn’s new mix tape, Mind Over Matter, which is a culmination of many personal experiences and different sounds, from heartfelt, to rock, to hip hop. Many of the songs are derived from Shawn’s experience with an ex-girlfriend, a tragic heartbreak after over ten years of togetherness. “The most powerful songs are the ones about the breakup,” Shawn explains, pointing out “Hurricane,” as one of the most emotional on the record.

Shawn’s goal is to inspire others with his story, the same way musical greats such as Jay Z and Michael Jackson have inspired him. “I wanted the world to hear my music and let the world get to know me,” says Shawn, “I give my point of view an perspective on the world. My music is from a place of realization.”

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