Friday, June 10, 2016

DENEL (@denel_official) Breaking Ground in American Music Market

New Zealand / USA - You’ve likely never met an artist – or person – quite as refreshing and unique as Denel. South African born, New Zealand raised, Denel is making his way from the land of the Kiwi to America, bringing his unique blend of Pop & R&B wrapped around positive messages to the shores of the U.S. What started as a hobby has now become a serious passion and career for the motivated artist, who finds his inspiration from romantic singers like Chris Brown Ne-yo and Michael Jackson. His traditional R&B style is fused with unique, cultural influences, vaguely reminiscent of Justin Bieber's latest music efforts coupled with his natural ethnic background that inspires his unique vocal sound.


Denel’s latest release, “Imperfectly Perfect,” pays homage to women in their uninhibited glory. In the song, the singer croons to his love interest, whose eyes  “glow when (her) makeup comes undone.” The song is about being who you are, without any restraint, and speaks to people who come alive when they aren’t covered up by materialism. Originally released a year ago” Imperfectly Perfect” was met with favorable responses, striking a chord and speaking to women of all ages and races ”coined" the teen feminist anthem of the summer. Gaining over 40k YouTube views, entering the NZ Radio Vision 100 music chart and rocking the no. 1 spot for 4 weeks, the emerging star has burst onto the scene with momentum. Keeping his eyes on the prize and remaining focused on the goal, he headed back to the grind to design what has now become the body of work for the forthcoming E.P. He enlisted co-writers and producers from both sides of the pond to aid the process in developing a modern contemporary offering that would move the needle and entry into the US Market. The entry into the USA comes with an updated version of Imperfectly Perfect produced by QUIX, a renowned DJ/producer who is making waves around the world.


The artist’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources, namely his faith, which is evident throughout his songs. Denel’s songs are encouraging, authentic, and pure; written directly from the heart, which is as big as his bright personality. “My main focus is positivity,” says the singer/songwriter who is happy just to see other’s encouragement from his message.

Denel’s entrance into the global music scene has been a long time coming. Even with the world’s vast Asian Indian population, there are very few, if any, artists of Asian descent navigating the R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop mainstream genre. Denel’s transition to the United States comes with a rebrand of his image that should appeal to America – a global melting pot of faces and sounds that will find themselves resonating deeply with the singer’s catchy tunes.


Denel is a musical anomaly, and though the future is uncertain in this business, one thing is guaranteed: There are some exciting things in store for America’s R&B and hip hop scene and its music landscape in general once it catches the vibe of Denel.


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