Wednesday, June 1, 2016

[Single] Big Quan (@bigquanlaf) - Journey of my Life

Syracuse, NY Fate struck the life of artist Big Quan when relocation to the islands introduced him to what would be his destiny; surrounded by the constant sounds of Jamaican rhythm, Big Quan was inspired to become a musical sensation. Now, with the release of his latest single “Journey of my Life,” dreams become reality for the up and coming musician.

The song, a love story of sorts, is “something everyone can relate to,” according to Big Quan. It’s the performer’s first foray into hip-hop, primarily a rap artist in his former work. An honest account of a failed relationship, the artist explains that the song is a reflection on the good and bad that came out of a prior relationship. “It’s about a girl I was dating, and we were trying to make it work. We grew out of each other. When you end a relationship, you look back and reflect on things you’ve done.” Refreshingly candid, the song will reach audiences to their core, since nearly everyone can relate to the heartache and dismay of a breakup. “I shared my life in that song. It’s good to be honest,” explains Quan.

The song has already met great success globally, and Big Quan is currently collaborating with The Power Group, a top dance music promotion company based out of London. The song has reached the UK and the Netherlands, and the artist has released remixes of the song that are making waves across Europe. “The pop genre is huge out there,” says the artist, “so I wanted to start there and then convert to the United States.”

The now 30-year-old artist’s journey has been a long time coming. From the streets of Brooklyn to the islands and now back in his home state of New York, the artist is diverse and determined to achieve musical greatness.

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