Monday, July 4, 2016

Spotlight on Tha Flight Boys (@thaflightboys)

Seattle, WA When one thinks of the typical hip hop scene, they’d likely envision iconic destinations, like Los Angeles and Atlanta. However, there’s an entirely untapped flock of talent in America’s North West that is ready to fly – pun intended. Tha Flight Boys, a gathering of seven distinct talents from across the country, have come together in Washington’s Seattle to create an eclectic group of passionate rappers and producers. A unique sound with many flavors, their group is a mix of down home southern twang, soul, and modern hip hop. The group considers themselves a combination of all the “mainstays of popular music,” which leaves room for creativity.

Their single, “Taking Off,” pays tribute to new beginnings as a group, and illustrates

their hopes for a new future. “Everybody from the hood – we’re trying to be in their ears. I don’t care about the money, I just want everyone in the world to hear us,” says group member Tr33z. Seattle serves as a muse for their impending success, and the group is ready to imprint their brand and unique sound for the North West. “Our song is about taking over the rap game, and about a new genre we are creating.”

The group is inspired by local hip hop favorite, Macklemore, who found success from the rainy city of Seattle. First and foremost, Tha Flight Boys are eager to create a noteworthy brand; to gain notoriety and turn that into a musical following. “We need to build a brand, and then the music follows, and they’ll say ‘Oh, this is legit,’ explains Mr. Xquisit. “We want to plant the seed that grows a strong base,” says J. Brown.

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