Saturday, July 2, 2016

Spotlight on Audio Kannibalz (@audiokannibalz)

DALLAS, TX – Michael Sheffield Sr. – professionally known as Mic Chef – has been a producer, singer, rapper and songwriter since 2002. He’s enjoyed success in the music industry for years, but it wasn’t until he began collaborating with his sons, Michael Sheffield and Dante Branch, two years ago that he truly found the satisfaction he’d been searching for in his music.

That sentiment is played out on the new single from the father/son trio, who call themselves Audio Kannibalz. The new single is called “Fatherhood” and is featured on the album “Pleasant Grove Amerika,” which was released June 19 and is available on all digital platforms for purchase. According to Sheffield Sr., “Fatherhood” was directly inspired from his collaboration with his son and the strong relationship they’ve developed over the years.

“It’s about the dynamic of growing up in a household with no father, and then having sons of my own and raising them the way I wasn’t raised,” Sheffield Sr. said. “It has a positive message and shows off that we’re the real deal father/son rap team.”

Michael Sheffield, aka AaquilMics (pronounced “I Kill Mics”), first gained prominence in his own right as a rapper while being featured in a cypher at the Texas A&M Commerce University. One of his most proud moments to date was opening for Big KRIT at the university. But he credits his love for hip-hop and his desire to make a career to his father. The 20-year-old said he’s been listening to his dad make music for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve always had a love for music,” AaquilMics said, “and I know it’s because I’ve always heard my dad rapping. Awhile back some friends heard me messing around and said I should get into it, too. And now that I have the chance to work with my father it’s really humbling. Not too many artists get to do music with their father. Most fathers who have sons in music just kind of send them on their way, but he knows the industry and the way he guides me through it is just really humbling. It’s priceless.”

Dante Branch is the artist manager for Audio Kannibalz and has the direct responsibility for the day-to-day operations of MICCHEFMUZIK and booking. Branch was the president of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at Texas A&M Commerce University for three years, and is the face of The Infamous Cold War. He successfully booked shows with comedians such as Red Grant, Gary Owens, D.C. Young Fly and Robert Powell.

Similarly to his son, Mic Chef also uses the word “Priceless” to describe what it’s like working with his sons. He said all collaborations are different, but working with his sons has been pretty easy and seamless. They flow off of each other’s energy, he said – if one has an idea they suggest it, and vice versa, making writing songs together fairly straightforward and effortless.

The new album, “Pleasant Grove Amerika,” showcases that hard work and positive energy from the father/son duo. Mic Chef said the songs on the album feature an underground hip-hop feel. Themes include songs about God, the struggles up growing up in a neighborhood, and an exploration of the idea of fatherhood.

“We want to put out a positive vibe with our music,” Mic Chef said. “We also want to make sure people enjoy the music. Nobody wants to listen to music that’s too preachy. Our music is something that you can have fun with, but it still has meaning. We ultimately want to establish ourselves in the music industry as a dominant force. We’re not a fly-by-night group. I’ve been doing music since 1988, and we’re a family business under the brand MicChef Music Group. We’re trying to take these brands worldwide.”

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