Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spotlight on Stone Paxton (@stonepaxton)

LAS VEGAS, NV – When it comes to love, Stone Paxton believes in one tried and true formula: Life + Music = Love.
That’s the name of his new album, but it’s also his life philosophy and a message that he’s trying to get across to younger generations who are trying to deal with an increasingly violent and turbulent society.
“Beyond politics, music has always been able to shield,” Paxton said. “It doesn’t force you to feel a certain way. A good melody is heavenly. In fact, music is on a frequency that’s close to Christ because it’s a gift to us. Life + Music = Love … that’s truly how I feel, and that’s how people feel about music. Good music reminds them of love, it reminds them of old relationships or current relationships or relationships with family members. Good music should bring happiness and joy and love and strong, active relationships. Some of today’s records talk about “beating it up” – going straight to the bedroom. There’s no more honor in romance, but I hope with this album and with my music I can help to change the conversation back to a day when chivalry in relationships meant something.”
The first single off the album – “No Other Eyes/No Other Love” – speaks directly to that mission. It’s a classic R&B song with a sound that Paxton describes as “old school meets new school.” The song calls out guys who want nothing more than one-night stands or multiple relationships, and encourages them to put more into monogamous relationships by being romantic and honorable in how they treat women.
“For tons of guys it’s normal to have multiple relationships,” Paxton said. “I wanted to get back to the romance and the morality of it all through my music. I wanted to give people a song that when they listen to it, they were a little more hopeful for the relationship they’re in. This song says that you’re the only one – your eyes are the only ones I want to look into and yours is the only soul that I want to be a part of. When I listen to the radio nowadays, I don’t hear a lot of songs that move me. We have to get back in touch with love, and this is my way of helping us do that.”
Paxton is no stranger to the music industry. For more than two decades he has been making music professionally – working with artists such as Birtney Spears, Brandy, Cee-Lo, Jordan Knight and Janet Jackson. He’s currently producing an album for Marva King – a protégé of the late Prince. In 2012 Paxton produced and co-wrote a song with King that made the Billboard Top 100 in the U.S. and Top 20 in the U.K.
Paxton’s new single “No Other Eyes/No Other Love” is currently available for download on all digital media sites. He’ll be starting a promotional tour this fall, and has a benefit concert for military veterans planned for Sept. 15. Those wishing to find out more about upcoming live shows or new music releases can follow him on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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