Monday, July 4, 2016

Spotlight on Konny (@TrustKonny5C)

WORCESTER, MA – When Konny was a young boy, his father – who was a professional DJ – would sometimes let him come with him to the clubs. Young Konny would watch as his father would take classic records from artists like Luther Vandross or the Temptations, and make music that would bring so many people joy. It served as an inspiration for Konny, and today the 20-year-old rising hip-hop artist uses those memories to influence his sound.

That unique sound can be heard on Konny’s newest album, “Snow Love Cash 2,” which is slated to be released July 28. It’s an album that he says reflects his attitude about life, and tells stories of what it was like for a young boy to grow up among struggles.

“I feel like I’m snow because I’m cold hearted,” Konny said. “And I love money, and that’s my attitude. And the songs on this album show my everyday life. I like my life is probably a lot like a lot of other teenagers’ lives, and my songs talk about those things that we want and wish for and do. I talk about things like smoking, or driving fast, or whatever you do to live your life. I put my life on that album.”

This is the first widely distributed album for Konny, though it’s actually the third project he’s been a part of since he started his professional music career. He has also released the albums “Snow Love Cash” and “TrustKonny,” the latter of which is an homage to his father, who passed away in March of this year. “He’s the reason I do music,” Konny said. “He always knew I was going to do something with music. He always wanted me to sing, and I always told him I’m not a singer, I’m a rapper. I was named after him and I’m going to be releasing another album, ‘TrustKonny2’ in September that will be dedicated to him.”

Konny said that making music is one of the great joys of his life. He said it usually starts with a beat, and that he likes to just pour out his soul with words while trying to find the perfect beat.

“It starts with how I feel,” he said. “I just record myself and I think about how I feel and I let it all out onto the microphone. After I hear what I said, I take it out and keep the important things. I always find the beat. And once I find the beat, I know where to go from there. I never write a song without a beat first. The beat paints the picture for me.”

Songs like “STR8” will paint a picture for fans who listen to his album ‘Snow Love Cash 2.” STR8 is the first single off the album, and is a song that’s basically about breaking hearts and making money off of not having a real job. Konny calls is “regular ghetto stuff,” and says he hopes people listen to it and have an opinion, but also that they enjoy it and look forward to what he has coming next.

“Hip-hop is not dead, and I can help bring it back to life,” Konny said. “There are still good people out here.”

To hear some of Konny’s music, visit his Soundcloud page, and to find out more about upcoming releases or live performances, follow him on social media on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @TrustKonny5C, or on Facebook.

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