Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spotlight on Snares Bleu (@LifeOfSnares)

DETROIT, MI – There’s a new sound on the hip-hop stage, and it’s coming from artist Snares Bleu out of Detroit.

Snares has been making music since he could crawl, and at an early age turned that into a career of singing and dancing. Growing up under the rap influences of some of the greats from the early 90s – such as 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Method Man and Redman – Snares soon discovered that he had a talent similar to theirs. He spent countless hours perfecting his craft, and he puts it on display with his new single, “Gimme Some.”

“This single really showcases a new sound,” Snares said. “It’s a sound nobody has really heard before. It’s a song that when people hear it they say, ‘Whatever it is, I need some of that.’ It’s not like trap music – it’s rap, but not trap. I don’t talk about a lot of the stuff you’d hear in trap music. This single, and the album that it’s on, is more clean and there’s not a lot of bad language.”

Snares said his goal with this single and the album that will come out later this year is to “curve music back into where it should be to a time when people were actually rapping.” Snares has spent dedicated years as a producer learning to mix sounds, and has evolved as a musician so that his music is something that has a vibe with skillful flow. In fact, it was his years as a producer that gave him the names Snares Bleu – the snare drum has always been his favorite instrument and features prominently in a lot of his beats, and blue is his favorite color. Spelling it slightly off from the traditional spelling is also a nod to the kind of music he wants to make – recognizable with a slightly different sound that takes you by surprise.

“It’s the good stuff mixed with today’s popular hip-hop sound,” he said. “I wanted to be able to still give people rap, but I also want to give the masses what they want. So it has real lyrics, but some of the songs will have a club feel and a new-age feel that a lot of people like right now. I just want people to feel it. I want them to see that every rapper isn’t about cursing and all that stuff. You can actually make music without being explicit. You can be clean. As people hear my music and get to know me and my story and who I am, I think they’ll realize that if they put a lot of hard work into whatever it is they want to do, like I did, then they’ll be successful like I am.”

Snares Bleu’s new single, “Gimme Some,” is available for download on all digital media sites. Fans can follow him on social media under the handle @LifeOfSnares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or check out his website at

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