Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spotlight on Mickey Blue (@buckslenderly)

TORONOTO, ONTARIO – There aren’t many modern musicians who have modeled their style after some of the old classics like Frank Sinatra, James Brown and Marvin Gaye. But up-and-coming artist Mickey Blue embraces the throw-back vibe that laces his contemporary soul sound, and it’s a vibe that’s winning him fans left and right throughout Toronto and the surrounding area.

Mickey Blue said he wants to create music that helps people “find love again,” and to do that he studied some of the old classics. He said he has always had an appreciation for artists like Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross, and that a lot of his music is based off of those artists’ early success and style.

“I felt like I had to go back and hear how it all started and hear the legends and their sheer talent,” he said. “I wanted to hear the people who could hit those notes and hear true artistry. The more I studied them, the more I saw that it was about the whole package – how they dressed and how they rehearsed and made sure everyone involved in a show was tight for their performances. It was the days of no gimmicks, if you will. When people hear my music, I want them to find love and find peace, ultimately. I know that might sound really bold or cliché, but at the end of the day I want to be the guy who’s promoting togetherness and welcoming and relationships, as opposed to a lot of what’s going on in the industry right now.”

Mickey Blue said he’s been pursuing a professional music career for about four years, but he’s always known he was musically gifted. He went to university to pursue theater, and throughout his experiences on stage discovered that he loved performing for an audience. During his senior year of college he and a friend began jamming regularly in his friend’s basement. That led to Mickey writing lyrics, which led to a single called “I Got You,” which eventually went on to gain him some notoriety throughout Toronto.

“The music I make usually stems from something I think is really catchy and can be established as a hook,” Mickey Blue said. “That single is an example of that, and we got really lucky right off the bat with how well it was received. I rarely start writing lyrics without a strong hook, because the hook is what makes a good song. I need a strong hook first, and once I have that established I start working on the lyrics.”

Mickey Blue said he’s spent the past four years perfecting his craft and learning the ins-and-outs of writing songs that will make a splash in the music industry. After four years, he said he’s ready to release a more mature version of his music that he knows will grab the attention of more fans.

The first step toward that end started with an EP called “A Man In Love,” which was released earlier this year and is available on his website at and on Soundcloud. A music video from one of the songs on that album is also available on YouTube.

Later this month, Mickey Blue will release a brand new single called “Treat You Right.” It’s about a relationship with a girl and has a vibe that he describes as a “summer dance island feel.” Those wishing to catch him live can do so July 15 at the Pemberton Music Festival in Pemberton, British Columbia. And those wanting to learn more about his music, or find out about upcoming shows, can follow him on social media at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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