Sunday, July 24, 2016

Spotlight on Bad Girl Good Tea

New York, NY Tea is far more than just a beverage. For centuries, tea has been a lifestyle. It inspires conversation, elicits comfort, and encourages the drinker to sit back, relax, and relish the moment (all too foreign a concept in the hectic year of 2016). Bad Girl Good Tea is a movement sweeping New York, encouraging ladies (and gentlemen) to add tea to their beauty and wellness regiment.

Samantha Colarusso has had a longtime love affair with tea, and a deep appreciation for its healing, comforting, and calming attributes. Colarusso is an unlikely tea connoisseur. Working for many years in the nightlife industry, the brand’s founder enjoyed tea as a hobby, but always felt that it could become a way of life and business endeavor. Always up for an adventure, the young entrepreneur took a leap of faith and started She packed up the Bad Girl Good Tea operation and attended the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, where her booth remained busy for the entirety of the 2 day event, onlookers impressed and surprised by the company’s unique blends and branding concept. The brand has found its niche by “riding the feminine wave,” explains Colarusso. Bad Girl Good Tea changes the way women connect; giving them a healthy alternative to coffee or cocktails to discuss the latest Ryan Gosling movie or newest makeup palette. The company’s mission is to make a product that women can commune over in a positive and inspiring way.

This isn’t your Nana’s tea company (No offense, Grandma). Bad Girl Good Tea is a sexy take on a classic beverage, a drink that a Kardashian generation can enjoy with branding and packaging that suits a glamorous lifestyle. Colarusso has worked diligently to fuse herbs and flavors that inspire positivity. A fan favorite, the Sleeping Beauty Blend is a mixture of lavender, vanilla, and chamomile that fills the stomach and relaxes. Caffeine free, the tea is a healthy way to ease the drinker to a sound, refreshing sleep.

Bad Girl Good Tea’s mission is simple: It’s a choice all glamorous girls can feel good about, and it offers wellness and beauty benefits that prove beneficial to the health-conscious fashionista. But, Colarusso notes, the brand doesn’t strive to make any “one-size-cures-all” claims like popular detox teas on the market. In fact, the tea expert explains that using tea as a quick fix to shed pounds and “detox” is, in reality, an unhealthy choice. “It’s actually very dangerous to detox with tea,” admits Colarusso, “Nothing is going to make you healthy except making good choices for your body, and tea is a part of that healthy lifestyle.”

Despite the brand’s “bad girl” name and inspiration, part of Samantha Colarusso’s endeavor is to empower and enlighten women. Essentially, it’s the philosophy that you can be a “bad bitch” and still be kind. Drawing from personal experiences as a young woman, the young entrepreneur is determined to use tea for good, ultimately finding ways to give back to anti-bullying campaigns and encouraging healthy relationships between girls and women alike.

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