Friday, March 20, 2015

[Video] MarcDaCEO (@MarcDaCeo) - Big Homie

MarcDaCeo (@MarcDaCeo) started rapping at 12 years old. Music was always something that was around him. His family has a thing for music , so growing up he listened to many styles like rap, R&B , jazz , blues , and gospel. As time went on the passion for music grew. By the age 13 he was already recording hisself . Which lead him to learning how to make beats at the age of 16. Over time being self made only made him grow more as a artist. Making a name around his city, he started recording and producing a few artist. An the nickname "CEO" was born. He had a strong hustle and the mind of a leader. Spending most of his time working in a group called "Ground Zero Money Gang" doing shows and traveling helped taught him a lot too. Recently MarcDaCeo has been working on his first solo project. Just a another goal for him to achieve as a young artist on the rise. MarcDaCeo says his main focus is to learn as much as possible in the music business. Therefore later he could start his own label and mentor and teach younger talent to grow in their passion of music too. Marc signed with B&B Marketing/ Management in 2014. Checkout his latest video "Big Homie"
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