Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[Video] Alexis Jones - Crush

Alexis Jones is “What You're Waiting For”. This recording artist, songwriter, and recording engineer is the total package and more. She is a hometown southern girl with an undeniable passion for music that she puts into every song she writes. Alexis was born into a musical family and was inspired at a young age by her mother's dedication to music in the church. Alexis Jones is an R&B/Pop singer but was influenced by her exposure to all types of music. Her style of writing is unique and stretches across musical genres. She strives to deliver material with melodies and tempos that anyone can groove to. Alexis was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been singing since the age of five. She was inspired to write her first song at the age of nine that was dedicated to her parents. Since then, she has always known that she wanted to share her musical gifts with the world. Alexis wants her music to define her as an artist so she makes each project personal. All of her songs are based upon personal experiences and are written with a purpose. Alexis is on her way to being a household name. You can find her singing with a track at one of the local clubs, performing with a band at a lounge or promoting her music in the streets. She is definitely on her grind and determined to get her music heard. Alexis believes that if you dream and work hard towards your dreams then your dreams can come true. She believes that if you keep God first and are ambitious, you will go further than you can ever imagine. Alexis just currently released her sophomore album titled, “Anyday.” I encourage you to check out her latest single "Anyday" and let her work speak for itself. Website links: www.alexisjonesmusic.com

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