Monday, March 23, 2015

[Single] Tank Skee (@TankSkee) - Talkin Bout

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA- Tank Skee is on a mission to put the panhandle of Florida on the map for sure with his latest smash hit single titled Talken Bout. “This is a street song about when you’re tired of sitting around talken bout sh*t that’s not beneficial. It’s a banger. ,” says Tank Skee reflecting on his original style he refers to as Get Money Street Rap. “Get Money Street Rap is rappin’ bout coming from the streets and gettin money,” the talented rapper explained. Spittin’ bout coming up and having plenty check out Tank Skee’s Talken Bout by clicking here .

“I grew up an outside child running the streets since elementary school,” says the 26-year-old. “…hanging out late getting into whatever came to mind. I started playing around with words rhyming and freestyling in early middle school… I wasn't serious about my talent yet even though other rappers wanted me on their songs.” “After hearing myself on a couple tracks I became more serious and started investing in myself buying equipment so I could record myself when I wanted. Doing this I recorded my first mixtape Get Money Street Rap which I released in 2013. After listening to what I created and my style I knew I found me, Tank Skee.” To learn more about Tank Skee, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and

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