Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Miss Atown's 1on1 w/ Rickie Blow

Recently Miss Atown had the opportunity to sit down w/ Rickie Blow to get a more in-depth look at what his current and future plans are, how he plans to do it, and why he does it. Check out the interview and familiarize yourself with this artist on the rise.
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Miss ATown: What does Rickie Blow want the world to know off rip?
RB: I'm here to tell my story, when it's all said and done I want to be one of the greatest. I'm sacrificing a lot to Secure a future for my bloodline. God willing it's my turn!
Miss ATown: If u had to compare yourself to someone who would it be?
RB: I don't think there is a comparison. What I can tell you is that I'm a MUSIC JUNKIE so I get a high off the inspiration I can get from great artists. In my playlist, the genre doesn't matter because like I said its about the "HIGH". I don't compare I compliment.
Miss ATown: Who would you love to work with?
RB: The list is endless! To sum it up anyone that inspires me. I'm grateful to work with anyone to gain knowledge to become a household necessity. #LIBRAGANG
Miss ATown: In your opinion whats the hardest thing about perusing a music career?
RB: Sticking with it, I've come a long way and along the way I've seen more people quit than I've seen succeed around me. At this point going back hard in the streets is giving up to me. I've been there before, now its time to move forward in my career and craft. Its all or nothing for me now! I'm a part of the spokesmen.
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Miss Atown: What's next for Blow?
RB: More steps toward the main objective. More hard work and more dedication. Right now I'm testing the water with records to build a solid foundation. I've been appearing on indie artist projects gaining allies.
Miss Atown: Who has been most influential in your journey as an artist? Why?
RB: My Brother is my greatest inspiration. May he ball In Heaven. He was the person that truly knew my worth and understood my passion. I know he's a spirit that I have around constantly showing me the path.
Checkout Rickie Blow's music on his SoundCloud [https://soundcloud.com/rickieblow/] Follow him on his official networks: Twitter: @IamBlow125 and IG: IamBlow125

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