Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Jackie Faraoui "Say What You Want" Video

Jackie is back with a new official video for one of her most personal tracks. “It’s a song about confidence which sometimes people confuse with arrogance but this is not the case for this track. I believe it’s ok for a woman to appreciate herself and publicly acknowledge her love for herself. It’s so easy to be misled by various opinions but it’s important to return back to your roots and remember who you truly are. I want to appreciate myself instead of letting things get to me and beat myself down or doubt myself. I want to move forward. I talk about what I'm feeling. This single is there to inspire girls, women and all people who identify as women to feel confident and that loving yourself is the true normal.”

The official “Say What You Want” music video by Jackie Faraoui. Listen & download the song here:
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