Saturday, March 26, 2016

[Video] Master MC (@MasterMCMusic) - Feel Da Pain

A native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, MC has been spitting rhymes and mixing beats since he was a child. He prides himself in being a bilingual lyricist, rapper and producer; a skill that is rare in the industry. Drawing inspiration from his personal life experiences; his heart, soul and love for music shines through in every verse of every track of his last 2 albums and one mixtape .Master MC has participated in a number of projects, compilations and appearances. Most notably, he participated in two compilations- Lowrider Super Show 2002 and the Lowrider Legends Tour 2003; both of these were for the music label Thump Records, which was distributed by Universal. In 2006, he signed a ringtone deal with the company The Nickels Group, Inc. MC is also credited for performing on the show Pegate Al Corillo -a television show based in Puerto Rico. His songs have been played by Felipe Duran on Mix 107.7 FM and on the House radio station Galaxia 1380 AM by Sixto One. Currently, MC is back in the studio.Master MC is a man on a mission. His ultimate goal is to expand his music across the globe. He also hopes to eventually crossover to English Hip-Hop and make his mark there. Just like any element; Master MC is a phenomenon with a fundamental nature that can�t be broken down into a simpler substance by any means.MC's has being working with producer scotty Gutierrez for Gute productions.Also MC has being collaborating with latin hip hop underground artist from Chile,Peru,Venezuela. MC is just a lion with a lot of hunger in this jungle and has a lot to offer to the music genre Latin hip hop.Master MC even had the blessing to work with actor/rapper LiL j doing a club track for the up coming movie "Kill Kattie Malone".MC also did the movie scoring for the indie film "Superbadazz" which is out now everywhere.Also got the chance to work with WWE ENT for the duo Epico & Primo Titantron 2013 HD (Enchanted Isle V2).recording two verses for their enchanted isle v2 This is not your normal act this emcee has alot of dedication and talents and doesnt stops recording at his home studio having music for days all aimin diferent angles and genres in his music... LINK TO ITUNES: HulkShare : YouTube: SoundCloud: social networks:

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