Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spotlight on Money (@moneyigotem) Plus track "On Me" (Prod. by Free Diesel)

A small Q&A w/ Artist Money, so that you can get an in-depth look at this rising star. How did you get your start in the music scene? A: It's so funny because I use to battle rap in 2007. And I honestly started writing to relieve stress, there was a lot of drama going in my life at that time. Who were some of the people who helped you along the way??? A: My homeboy Young Dez who's also my engineer I'd say been really helpful in just the whole production process from start to finish. This new single, "On Me" that you have, tell us about it. What can people expect once they hear it? A: When you hear this record, you're gonna feel exactly what i'm talking about. If you love to shop, and wear expensive designer sneakers, you gon’ get it. They'll know it's authentic, check me out on twitter or Instagram you'll see.

Checkout the Track Money

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Who were some of the people who helped you create the song? A: This song was actually produced by Free Diesel but mix and mastered by engineer Dez. So in a sense they both had some sort've input. What's next for you? Any tours, or shows? A: I'm putting my own tour together within the next few months or so. I got a few shows scheduled right now through, one in Tampa, Norfolk, New York and Connecticut. I'm also getting ready to release two new singles before my mixtape "What You Playin 4" drops. When it comes to music, who are some of the mainstream artists that inspire you?? A: I get a lot of my inspiration from Jaheim, Drew Hill and Jesse Powell. I don't listen to much on the radio. For those who may not know, tell the people how you came up with your rap name, Money! A: Just being in the streets and being flashy. I had this name way before the music stuff. People started calling me that later on in high school and I ran with it. Connect w/ Money: Twitter - IG - Facebook -

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