Friday, March 11, 2016

[Video] K'nak - Stack My Chips

Born Kevin A. Silmon from Tulsa, Oklahoma; a visionary lyricist with a philosophy embodying unique blends of funky rhythmic patterns in melodic perfection. Now finally the new EP... (Stack My Chips, Home Iz What I Bleed, #CuteFace). K'naK plans to make people say, “all rap ain't bad”...”it's still some cool rap music out there”... “I can play that rite there!” As a youngster, he was the go-to back up dancer for many local acts Tulsa. He also participated in various talent shows and showcases. After finishing high school, K'naK attended Prairie View A&M University where he whole heartedly searched his soul and discovered his true passion was music. “Writing and producing has always been my first love.” For K'naK, music has been a hobby that functions as an outlet to express himself. He believes “Pain gives you the passion to write, life gives you trails and tribulations to go through, but it's the faith, actions and efforts we do that turn a dream into reality.” K'naK has continued to be an innovator in today's music world. His musical journey consists of releasing his first solo project called KlubLife, he also created a web series entitled KlubLife Nashville. Always staying ahead of the curb, K'naK is the creator and host of an internet radio talk show called The GetHeard Show; a new digital platform designed for indie artists to market and promote their art. He is currently working on a new collection of EP's. Describing this new form of groove as very energetic, a dance party-type club hype melodic blends of funk with an old school feel. Real lyrics and thick bass, with a dip of hop hop thrill. This new EP speaks for itself, and once you have the chance to experience this new body of work, you too will agree... there is still some cool rap music out there, and this is exactly that!

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