Friday, December 4, 2015

[Video] Blvu (@Iamblvu) - Luv

(Long Island, NY) - After putting the details of second case behind him, New York rapper BLVU (pronounced Blue) is back recording at a relentless pace since opening his own studio on the Island. The rapper who has only been rapping for a few years took up the craft naturally and has since put out several releases looking to build his buzz in the streets and online, but garnering a large fan base in the prisons.. "My name is "Blue" but I spell it as 'Blvu', otherwise I couldn't copyright it any other way," BLVU explained. "I'm from Long Island, NY - I've been hustling since I was younger, I'm out here trying to rap - simply put. I've been rapping seriously since last year and in February last year I built a studio and I've put together like 80 records so far." Currently BLVU is pushing his video for the track "Luv," about a tumultuous baby mama love story with a classic Hip-Hop twist. One of the reasons the song has found success with listeners is because BLVU created this song from his own personal experiences. Adding to the vibe is the classic Isley Brother's sample "Between The Sheets," which BLVU got cleared for the record. "Me and the videographer were kicking around some ideas, this guy is probably one of the best directors that I've worked with and the song just fit perfectly." BLVU said of his director Denity. "The song is about an argument I was in with my baby moms and I just put it down on paper and made the song work." BLVU's album B4 Tha Deal, Pt. 1: The Reign Begins is now available on iTunes & Apple Music.

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