Monday, December 21, 2015

[Mixtape] Code G (@1CodeG) - #MOSTunderrated 2

Code G was born on June 11, 1987 in Titusville Florida. Between the ages of 8 and 9 he started recording hisself on cassette tapes as well as make his beats with a MPC. Code G later moved to Atlanta at the age of 16 where his music career started to flourish. Being a jack of all trades he took the music industry on head strong. Music Producer, Engineer, Videographer, as well as an Artist, Code G is more than a triple threat. Becoming a father at 19 he wanting more for his family. Code G wanted to making sure the world would hear his story through his music. He has collaborated with Young Thug as well as produced for him along with many other artists such as PeeweeLongway, Snootie Wild, Hit Man Sammy Sam, Young Bleed, MPA Duke, Baby Boy and many more independent artist on the raise. Taking many hardships and having many doors closed in his face he never gave up. He eventually linked up with PRU Records and released his mixtape #MOSTunderrated 1 (2014), and is currently debuting his next mixtape #MOSTunderrated 2. With many deals headed his way he remains independent and plans to take over the rap industry in 2016.

Checkout the "Move" Video

Connect w/ Code G: Twitter: @1CodeG Instagram: 1CodeG

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