Tuesday, December 29, 2015

[Single] Shya L'Amour (@shya_lamour) - Stand Your Ground

“I had a baby by a stranger”, the opening line on Shya L’amour’s song “Stand Your Ground”. These days it’s not uncommon to see situations like this play out on social media. Instead of announcing her reality on Instagram or Facebook like most, Shya L’amour decided to keep it moving. This was a rocky start for her 2015 and as soon as things began to look brighter for the emerging rapper she was hit with another blow. The only father figure her unborn baby has ever known was arrested and not granted a bond in a Stand Your Ground type of case. Now fighting for bond for a person who has never been convicted of a crime and a fair trial for a person arrested without incident, Shya L’amour almost reached her breaking point. Continuing to stand her own ground and not crack under pressure, Shya L’amour decided to use the booth to release some tension. “Stand Your Ground” is Shya L’amour’s reality and personal account of what 2015 has been like. The beautiful starlet is currently in the studio working on new music, her beauty initiative “Shya L’amour & Friends Style Lounge" and various event hosting gigs.

Connect w/ Shya L'Amour: Twitter: @shya_lamour IG: shya_lamour

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