Thursday, September 9, 2021

Kilo M.O.E "Ole Pierepont" EP | @omg_moe

A well-revered musical powerhouse, Kilo M.O.E, the owner of the O.M.G Entertainment has come up with his latest project to tantalize his listeners. The music mogul is one of the most well-seasoned artists who have been reigning in the music industry for a while now and the soon-to-be release of his fifth album ‘Ole Pierepont’ is bringing up the anticipation again. The legacy of his original and enticing tracks continues with a hope of a world. The album will be based on the subject matter of revealing a little inside story of what really goes around the industry. While the artist concentrates on the matter of what artists and record labels do, he also sheds some light on the hostile takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions as well. Kilo likes to call the album an “extrospective” that forces people to look into the brutal reality and the hidden truth in it.

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