Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[Mixtape] That Boy Neal (@ThatBoy_Neal) - Mrs. Irma Davis

METAIRIE, LOUISIANA—That Boy Neal, 25, may be in the hip hop game; however, he doesn’t consider himself a rapper. Instead, he says, he’s more of a motivational speaker whose words are cleverly laid to catchy beats that fans easily gravitate to and instantly love.

“I’m really good with metaphors. I write songs that everybody can relate to. I actually just want people to feel what I’m saying more than my ability to rap,” stressed That Boy Neal.

Rapping professionally since the age of 19, the talented artist says his music is inspired by real life and, of course, his young son.

“My son is a very big part of my life. He’s always by my side. He’s in my latest video. He’s on my mixtape,” stated the talented rapper. “There are not a lot of rappers in this industry that can’t actually rap in my opinion. They just make nice choruses. But they talk about a whole bunch of nothing. I actually have lyrics.”

According to That Boy Neal, family is a big part of his life. That’s why, in part, he titled his first major project, “Mrs. Irma Davis,” after his late aunt who recently passed away after a long battle with health-related issues.

“The last song on the mixtape is dedicated to her. It talks about the funeral and the memories that we had and what I’m going to miss like her calling me, singing happy birthday to me, cooking for me,” stated That Boy Neal.

His first single off of “Mrs. Irma Davis” is a track titled “’Til I Die” featuring Flawless. Of course, the video stars his little man.  In the track, he raps, “I’ll be there for my fam. For my family, I ride. For my family, I ride.”

“It’s almost a commercial song. It’s an anthem for all of your friends. It’s a song that can be played in the clubs and on the radio. It’s got a hip hop beat to it,” stated That Boy Neal.

His latest debut project includes 15 songs That Boy Neal says hip hop lovers will thoroughly enjoy. That young rapper says the mixtape includes tracks everyone can also relate to.

“I’m very excited about it. A lot of hard work and money has gone into putting this mixtape out,” he stated. “In the next year or two, I actually see myself winning awards from my music. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I’m confident in my abilities.”

To learn more about That Boy Neal, check him out on YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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