Monday, February 2, 2015

Core Djs present The Bad Tenants (@hiphoptenants)

Who Are The Bad Tenants

Bad Tenants 2

In a market over-saturated with hip-hop, The Tenants are known to audiences as “different rap” and “the emcees who play instruments.” Each member of the group

contributes something to add depth, dimension and artistry to the unique overall sound, the lovechild of hip-hop and blues. Listeners will hear live jazz instrumentation on the saxophone and trombone, gravelly vocals in addition to quick-worded lyricism and all the stylings of a seasoned DJ.
The multi-talented members of The Bad Tenants include Casey G. (Casey Grant Gainor), Good Matters (Matt Goodwin) and DJ Idlhnds (Gabriel Ghirardini).

Paint By Numbers

Not Quite Perfect

Let Him Burn

The Bad Tenants - Let Him Burn artwork
"Let Him Burn" is the first single from The Bad Tenants' upcoming project "Mostly People" with producer IG88.
Sample free, all instruments and sounds on the album are performed by The Bad Tenants and IG88 unless otherwise noted.
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