Saturday, February 11, 2023

VerseBorn - An Empowering Voice in Music

Born into a musical atmosphere in the San Francisco Bay Area, VerseBorn is a rising talent in the hip-hop scene. A member of the KonQuest Now artist collective, VerseBorn has been making waves with his socially conscious music and thought-provoking lyrics. His latest release, "Veritas", produced by Jae1 from San Francisco, is a powerful statement about personal accountability and the impact of the pandemic on our lives.
In "Veritas", VerseBorn speaks about the negative effects of the pandemic on our health, plans, and relationships, and encourages critical thinking and knowledge sharing for the next generation. The song is a reflection of the artist's commitment to using music as a vehicle for positive change and promoting equality for underprivileged and misrepresented youth.

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VerseBorn's musical journey began with the release of his EP, "It Is What It Is". He went on to release "One Life" and "Policy", which were well received by audiences and earned him recognition in various music blogs and magazines, including LA On Lock, Spit Fire Hiphop, and The MSQ Blog. He has also collaborated with Flaming Fred on the project, "F.O.U.R: Fight Or Use Reason", which was dropped last month.
VerseBorn's inspiration comes from a diverse group of musicians, ranging from Wu-Tang to Nipsey Hussle, as well as prominent black leaders of history, such as Nat Turner, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Afeni Shakur, and Frederick Douglass. He also takes inspiration from modern leaders who are shaping history today, such as Victor Glover, Amanda Gorman, and Rashida Jones.
The artist's commitment to making a difference is evident in his future projects. VerseBorn is set to release his EP, "F.I.V.E: Freedom Is Very Expensive", which features Jae1, Es, Mickey Factz, and other notable MCs making waves in the underground hip-hop scene.
VerseBorn can be reached through his management team at, or directly at Fans can also connect with him on Twitter @verseborn, Instagram @versebornmusic, and Facebook @versebornmusic.
In conclusion, VerseBorn is a rising voice in the music industry, who is committed to making a difference through his music. With his powerful lyrics, socially conscious messages, and commitment to positive change, VerseBorn is an artist to watch in the coming years.

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