Saturday, March 27, 2021

Lambo59 "Cry 4 Me" Single | @Lambo_SSG

Lambo59 was born in Fresno California but was adopted by his aunt who lived in Oklahoma City. There he was raised in the south side community where he started experimenting with music. Seeing his talent, he was recorded for free to sharpen his skills. Then in 2007 he made his 1st LP entitled "New 2 da Game" which was only released among family & friends.

Seeing nothing but good comments from it he started working on a 2nd project in 2011 entitled "Google Me". Later in 2012 he started working on mixtapes exploring his range of different styles from mixtape to mixtape which caught the ears of A & R. One of those mixtapes was called “Malcom X” .Touching the horizons of a whole new crowd. He is working on projects with well-known DJs from around the world. Such as DJ OK da General, DJ Cortez, DJ Trey Cash, DJ Speechless, and Trigga da DJ. His mixtape was released hosted on by DJ Cortez, DJ Trey Cash, and DJ Speechless entitled “Rise of the Apes” in 2018 he released his debut album "BETTER OR 4 WORSE" With the pot still hot he worked with DJ Plugg, Lil Ronnie MF, T-Rell he is now ready to take the world by storm in 2021 After rebranding Himself with Affiliates Sharkz Only with him bumping in ears ready for the world with a fresh New sound ready to take over!

Connect w/ Lambo59:
snapchat: Lambo2Cocky
Instagram: Lambo2Cocky
youtube: Lambo59
Twitter: @Lambo_SSG

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