Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Alternative Rap Producer Sumomo Dojo releases hot dance track "Born 2 Make U Dance"

Sumomo Dojo is an EDM, alternative rap producer and artist from Hawaii. Sumomo combines the spirit of martial arts with highly danceable music tunes. Dojo at the request of his mother who suffered a major accident in 2008, started Thoth Studios; a publishing company catoring to alternative rap artists.
In his own words: "Music created by me is called THOTH MUSIC, THOTH is ancient Egyptian demigod of wisdom music science philosophy, and follower of MA'AT balance in all things, R&B/ rap hip hop soul folk funk, electric dance, Renaissance musicality science for spirituality."
Sumomo Dojo enjoys putting out positive energy, and tranquility from his humble abode in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Enjoy "Born 2 Make U Dance"

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Connect w/ Sumomo Dojo:
Twitter: @SumomoDojo
Instagram: SumomoDojo

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