Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vito (@DNE_Vito) Takes a Stand with New Video Repentance

After T.I. blasted Wayne for talking down on Black Lives Matter, I’m sure a lot of entertainers are choosing their words wisely on the subject. Some have voiced their opinion but none have taken a stand as radical as T.I. by making an entire song and video about the topic, until now. It may seem like a risky move for a rising independent artist, but it's refreshing to see an artist take a stand creatively. Repentance, produced by Mike D and shot by CEO Peso, is a call to action we haven’t seen since the days of Tupac. “Let the guns do the talking cuz we don’t have a voice!” he says in the hook. But the real jewels are in the verses. Vito flaunts his true lyricism on this track and really makes you listen to what he’s saying. This isn’t just another trap beat with broken lyrics. This song is the anthem for all those who are upset with the United States and ready to do something about it. Maybe Vito will make other artists come out of the dark and express how they truly feel.

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Via Miss Atown

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