Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spotlight on Chris O'Neal

Chris O'Neal Realtor/Investor/Author/Speaker really changes lives. He has been helping people in Real Estate for years. His new Real Estate Reality show "NeighborHood Flip" is making waves in communities all across the world. This show is not the usual home improvement show you see on TV. Chris is going into areas that need improving. This show is more than flipping houses in the hood. The focus is not only about rehabbing the home but rehabbing a home for someone to live in a better living team and I are going to take "NeighborHood Flip" nationwide. We are going to continue to buy houses in every state: renovate it, rent it or flip it. It's all a part of a larger vision and will provide updated homes for people to live in. Chris also wrote his first book "Done Deal. What "They" Never Told You About Money". This book is a teaching tool that aide’s novice to savvy individuals on how they obtain financial wealth thru non‐conventional methods that are ingrained in us thru various medians. I have successfully flipped many properties and have purchased many rental properties to create passive income. I teach others how to invest wisely in real estate and to how to manage their finances. People don't need a PHD to be successful in investing, it's only six grade math. Chris O'Neal Will Close The Deal. You can order his book on this Amazon link Full Show Reel

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