Thursday, September 8, 2016

[Video] Memoirs of a Hustler - Black Buffet

Taking that unique perspective of life and the music game, Portsmouth, VA rapper Black Buffet has a seemingly wise perspective beyond his years of how to navigate life. Inspired to rap by the disappointment of Hip-Hop on the radio and feeling like he could do better himself, Black Buffet started taking music more seriously in 2015, but has been active since his early teens. “I’ve been in and out of studio since I was 13 working on ASR 10’s and Korg Tritons, so I was really starting to write songs and produce at an early age,” Black Buffet explained. “In February of 2015 I released Plugs & Pistols because I was tired of hearing what they were doing on the radio. My uncle always told me if you don’t like something, don’t complain be about it, fix it and do something, so I released my project.” When asked about what’s lacking in the game and what he’s adding, Black Buffet explained that his music was for the average man and is written and produced as a guide to others. “You can either take from the ‘Memoirs of a Hustler,’ and learn how to make a lot of money, or you can take the blueprint for how you can fuck your whole life up. Whatever you want to do in life, there is something that you can take from this project and you can use it in your day to day living,” The blueprint seems to be working for Black Buffet as this young talent recently garnered airplay on iHeartRadio and was invited to visit Kay Slay’s Sirius XM Radio show. Currently Black Buffet is working on the release of his project Plugs & Pistols 2. The first single from the project is called “Memoirs of a Hustler” and features the accompanying visual below:

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