Monday, November 9, 2015

[Mixtape] Victory (@Kataztrofee) - #MSIFF

There’s no simple way to describe Hip-Hop duo Kataztrofee. From their staple colorfully coordinated wardrobe, Southern roots, and catchy beats, to their clever lyrics, vibrant stage presence, and domineering swag, the pair known as Victory and Mr. Arrogant, create exciting music you simply can’t forget. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr. Arrogant” Speed met in middle school and became fast friends over their love of freestyling. The pair quickly became well known around town for their witty freestyle battles and it wasn’t long before the rising stars decided to become a group known as “Kataztrofee.” The duo recorded several mixtapes at the beginning of their music career and stayed on the grind, passing out CDs, performing at local shows and gaining fans. Inspired by the likes of Hip-Hop moguls Diddy, Jay Z, Russell Simmons, Dr. Dre, Nelly and 50 Cent. Victory and Mr. Arrogant took time to develop a slew of their own businesses, including building their own music and film studio dubbed “Trofee Styyle Studios” and launching their own independent record label “Trofee Styyle Records.” Both businessmen also invested in a jewelry store in Dallas, co-created a performing arts company called “Written Vision” and built an industrial machine shop in Austin, creating jobs for the local community. Now, with multiple streams of income and a stable life for their families, Kataztrofee jumped back in the studio to record new music. Their hit single and official video “Polo, Polo, Polo,” released in the summer of 2013, put them on the map, garnering thousands of new fans and radio play with their fly fashion and catchy look. In a thrilling turn of events, their colorfully coordinated ensembles, high-energy delivery and creative lyrics, were noticed by Hip-Hop heavyweight 2 Chainz and his camp. One thing led to another, and Kataztrofee found themselves on an 11 city tour on the National “2 Good to Be T.R.U’ Tour in February of 2014, along with August Alsina and Pusha T. “Everything came natural to us and we gained unmatched experience while winning new fans in each city; they loved us,” notes Mr. Arrogant. “Our music touches on all types of emotion. We cover everything from our experiences in life, our fashion, swag, and more serious things like how I lost my family in a house fire at a young age, and how Mr. Arrogant got shot,” says Victory. “You’ll feel happy, sad, mad and everything in between.” While honing their own talents, Mr. Arrogant and Victory continue to cultivate the budding careers of artists on their record label. The group “Bagboyz”, which consist of Joseph “Yung Joeski” Smith and “Lil Speed” who just happens to be Mr. Arrogant’s biological brother, Greg “Campaine” Jones, Curtis “Kurt Kutta” Faulkner and Rinaldo “Glacier” Hardeman. With their rising empire, worldwide recognition, and undeniable talent, it won’t be long before Kataztrofee becomes a household name.

Connect w/ Kataztrofee: Website: Twitter: @kataztrofee Instagram: @victoryofkataztrofee @speedofkataztrofee @kataztrofee

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